Vertigo’s Skyworld Finally Hits PSVR Later This Month

Good news; the long-awaited PSVR port of Vertigo Games’ Skyworld is very nearly here.

The tabletop strategy game touches down on PS4 in just under two weeks’ time on March 26th. The port contains the entire original game in which two players fight for control of a model world. It’s a turn-based experience in which you build a town and strengthen your army. Eventually, you’ll go head-to-head in combat, deploying your forces in the field. Check out the nuts and bolts in the trailer below. But the PSVR version packs new features too. There’s a persistent leveling system to take XP across single and multiplayer modes, for example. There are also leaderboards to compete in and new avatars to unlock.

We weren’t incredibly swept away with Skyworld when we reviewed it on PC . It has enjoyable moments and great ideas, but some bigger problems too. Still, we love the art style and there’s potential to build upon what’s here. We’ve played the PS4 port and, for what it’s worth, it holds up . Once the PSVR version is out we’d love to see a Quest version, though that’s not been announced yet.

That’s not all Vertigo is working on for Skyworld, though. Last week Vertigo announced Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl , a PvP card battle game published by Vive Studios. That’s due to come to HTC Vive, Vive Focus, Rift, and Windows VR headsets on April 2nd.

Elsewhere, Vertigo is now bringing Innerspace VR’s Corsair’s Curse to its arcade locations around the world. It’s a puzzle game based on Innerspace’s first Vertigo-published title, A Fisherman’s Tale.



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