Further Printings for These Savage Shores #1-3 and Ascender #1

Ram V is starting to get himself a bit of a DC Comics and Marvel profile, with work on Catwoman, Batman and The War Of The Realms . Which may well be helping sales of his series from Vault, These Savage Shores, drawn by Sumit Kumar, coloured by Vitorio Astone , and lettered by Aditya Bidikar. The first issue has gone to fourth printing, with the second and third issues getting third and second printings respectively. And new design-led covers for the occasion, created by Vault’s VP of Branding & Design, Tim Daniel, feature striking silhouettes of the book’s main characters while highlighting inks from the books within the outline.

It’s a new take on Marvel’s use of internal art, often the issue;’s big reveal, for second printing covers, but with a more artistic edge. I wonder who will copy it first?

“Vault’s CEO & Publisher, Damian Wassel, wanted to pursue a series of interlocking covers,” explains Daniel. “The design goal was to emphasize the incredible characters that writer Ram V and artist Sumit Kumar have introduced in These Savage Shores. With a uniform presentation, the result stylistically accounts for Damian’s direction while luring new readers to the story with Bishan, Kori, and Count Grano front and centre.”

“At the same time we aimed to reward current readers and collectors of These Savage Shores with a fresh presentation of the material – one that would be worthy of their interest,” Daniel adds. “The covers were heavily inspired by Mondo Tees artist Olly Moss, whose stunning series of Star Wars posters are beautifully designed.”

The covers can also be bought as 24 X 36 poster prints from the Vault Store.

These Savage Shores #1-3 reprints will hit shelves May 22, 2019. Issue 4 has been delayed but is currently scheduled for May 8th, while issue 5 is currently scheduled for December, but that may be pulled back… THESE SAVAGE SHORES #1 (MR)
(W) Ram V. (A/CA) Sumit Kumar
Two centuries after the first European ship sailed to the Malabar Coast and made landfall at Calicut, the East India Company seeks to secure its future along the lucrative Silk Route, in the year 1766. An old evil now sails aboard a company ship, hoping to make a home in this new found land. But he will soon find that the ground along the Indus is an ancient one with daemons and legends far older than himself. Along These Savage Shores, where the days are scorched and the nights are full of teeth. SRP: $3.99 THESE SAVAGE SHORES #2 (MR)
(W) Ram V. (A/CA) Sumit Kumar
“…[A]nother straight-up winning choice by the increasingly impressive Vault Comics… [THESE SAVAGE SHORES] would have been right at home in mid-period Vertigo.” – Warren ELLIS SYNOPSIS: The untimely demise of a nobleman gives the East India a new angle in negotiations to build their trade route. A vampire hunter finds bigger prey than he had bargained for, deep within the royal reserve. Along These Savage Shores, where the hunt is eternal, and hunter and hunted move in shadow. SRP: $3.99 THESE SAVAGE SHORES #3 (MR)
(W) Ram V. (A/CA) Sumit Kumar
The stench of war clings to the air as Hyder Ali of Mysore comes calling for the levy. Good men and demons alike are set to march, even as lovers part with the promise of a safe return. But in these troubling times the promise of a hunt brings the devil himself to this faraway coast. Along These Savage Shores where blood begets blood and dawn-light shimmers over a land soaked in betrayal. SRP: $3.99 We’ve also had Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’ s Ascender #1 from Image Comics out this week go straight back to a second printing, out for May 22nd. ASCENDER #1 (MR)
(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dustin Nguyen
Powerhouse creative team JEFF LEMIRE and DUSTIN NGUYEN launch an all-new sequel series to DESCENDER with the launch of ASCENDER! Set ten years after the conclusion of DESCENDER’s storyline, magic has taken the place of machinery and the rules are very different indeed… Mila, the daughter of Andy and Effie from DESCENDER, spends her days exploring the lonely wilds of the planet Sampson and trying to stay out of the clutches of the evil disciples of the all-powerful vampire witch known only as Mother. But, like her parents, Mila doesn’t like to play by the rules, and when a certain robot pal of her dad’s shows up, nothing will ever be the same! With all the scope and heart of the sci-fi classic DESCENDER, LEMIRE and NGUYEN reunite to take readers on an unforgettable fantasy quest! SRP: $3.99 None found


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