Everything Goes to Hell in This Exclusive Preview of The Dreaming #6

The Dreaming was one of our very favorite comics of 2018—we put in on the list , after all—so it’s an understatement to say we’re looking forward to the conclusion of its first arc. Writer Simon Spurrier, artist Bilquis Evely, colorist Mat Lopes and letterer Simon Bowland have spun an ever-surprising semi-sequel to Neil Gaiman and co.’s Sandman saga, picking up after Daniel, the current Dream, has vacated his post, leaving the residents of the titular Dreaming scrambling to plaster over the cracks in the realm’s foundations. Merv Pumpkinhead, one of the original series’ most beloved characters, may have made a fatal error when he awakened Judge Gallows, an authoritarian nightmare who wasted no time in reshaping the Dreaming to better fit his noose-tight visions of power. All the while, a mysterious new entity has bided its time, waiting to be born… Now only Dora, a shapeshifting monstress who has always felt out of place in Dream’s world, stands between Judge Gallows and the domination he seeks.

The Dreaming #6 brings the first arc’s plot threads to a head, answering half a dozen questions and introducing just as many new mysteries to explore in the story arcs ahead. Check out an exclusive first look at Evely and Lopes’ interior art for the issue below, and nab The Dreaming #6 this Wednesday from your local comic shop or preferred digital retailer to experience the carnage for yourself.

The Dreaming #6
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Bilquis Evely
Colorist: Mat Lopes
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Vertigo/ DC Comics
Finally determined to solve the riddle of herself, Dora is out for blood. But Judge Gallows, the usurper, has taken precautions to protect himself. As the whole of the Dreaming trembles with the sick new power he wields, the oldest brotherly feud in existence takes a wretched turn…a blood sacrifice is made…the chrysalis cracks…and a new thing, an impossible thing, an indomitable thing, is born at last…


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