DC ROUND-UP: Exploring DC’s New Comic Imprints with NAOMI #1 and COVER #5

DC Comics is trying something new. In the wake of their Rebirth initiative, the publisher has rapidly expanded its content to include diverse new imprints such as Young Animal, Wildstorm, Jinxworld, Wonder Comics, Black Label, Ink, and Zoom. As their lineup expands, it can be hard to figure out what to pick up each week. That’s what our team is here to help with, every Wednesday, with the DC Round-Up!

THIS WEEK: The Wonder Comics line gets a new heroine!

Note: the reviews below contain spoilers . If you want a quick, spoiler-free buy/pass recommendation on the comics in question, check out the bottom of the article for our final verdict. Naomi #1

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Letterer: Josh Reed

How does Bendis write so many comics? Seriously, as if writing two blockbuster titles like Superman and Action Comics isn’t enough, he is also putting out four books in his Jinxworld line every month. But wait, he also rebooted Young Justice a couple weeks ago as the start of yet another DC line, Wonder Comics. That’s a lot of comics! But apparently it’s not quite enough, as he added yet another book to his list of writing duties this week with Naomi #1 (alongside David F. Walker). I’m exhausted just thinking about his writing schedule.

Naomi is a new character and a new addition to the teen-targeted Wonder Comics line. The titular character is a high school student in a small town in Oregon where nothing ever happens. Except that Superman just crashed through the town in a super-fight with the world-conqueror Mongul yesterday! Now everyone in town is talking about it, but Naomi (who is kind of obsessed with Superman, to be honest) missed the whole thing. It’s just the […]


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