Church Notebook: Upcoming events at local churches

The holidays are over and things will, if typically like other years, slow down a bit.

But looking back on how fast last year flew by, I wonder. Hopefully, it won’t seem like Christmas is the day after tomorrow. Probably just me but last year went by so fast it seemed like a whirlwind. I wonder did it seem the same to others of my generation?

In addition to all the usual holiday events, things for me were constantly changing. Months of a very stubborn case of vertigo interfering with just about everything I try to do, my youngest grandchild serving in the Army, stationed in South Korea. A granddaughter married, two new great-grandchildren, news of the first great-great-grandchild and just a few days ago, word of another expected addition.

And additions… when my grandson gets home on leave in February, he will be deluged with puppies. I thought my daughter’s cat outdid it when she had 10 kittens 10 years ago, but Scott’s dog really did it four weeks ago with a litter of 15.

Thirteen have survived, and what a wiggly pile of fur and paws. What a difference from back when I had my Yorkie, Pixie, who only had litters of two or three. She’s been gone for many years now, but I still miss her. Now it’s a feline household for me, with Jake, and Mini, who was the tiniest in that litter of 10 kittens.

Not everybody is a fan of animals, but I find them great companions and I think God created them for just that — companions. I hope these two last as long as I do and I think it’s possible because if you figure their age like dogs, at 7:1, they are roughly the same age as me. And if, as the Bible says, the span of man’s life is 70 years — well, I’ve been living on borrowed time for quite a while.

There are two things coming up:

Ladies Christian


Thursday, the Ladies Christian Fellowship will meet at the Trinity Center of St. Paul’s Episcopal church. Starting at 10:30 am, there will be a speaker, special music, and lunch catered by Lesina Family Catering. Reservations are needed. Call Liz at 707-464-3539 or Bonnie at 707-482-3705 for enough food to be ordered. Ladies Christian Fellowship welcomes all women and church membership is not a requirement, though just about every local church is represented in the membership. It’s great fellowship and a great example of how members of many different churches can get along, not fussing over various denominational differences.

Do you like to play games?

Jan. 18 will be game night at New Life Community Church. It starts at 6 p.m. and usually goes until 8 p.m. A variety of games are available and if you want, you can bring your favorite. Bring a snack/finger food item to share-things like chips/dip, cookies, fruit and vegetable trays. But mostly bring yourself, and enjoy the evening. lt’s amazing how much better you get to know folks in a more relaxed atmosphere than the prim and proper demeanor of a Sunday morning. And you don’t have to be a New Life member.


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