Behind the Panel Episode 2: The Story of Vertigo Comics (Part 2 of 4)

Welcome back to SYFY WIRE’s new podcast, Behind the Panel, hosted by Mike Avila.

Our new series continues with the second of our four-part history of Vertigo Comics , the imprint that expanded the appetites of comic book fans into genres such as horror, fantasy and crime drama. In this episode, we discuss how Karen Berger and a group of British writers helped chart a new course for comics.

In this episode, we speak with Neil Gaiman, Karen Berger, Colleen Doran, and Jill Thompson about the rise of The Sandman , one of Vertigo’s most successful titles. Also: more early Vertigo tales from Grant Morrison.

Listen below!

Behind the Panel’s theme song is "Failsafe" by Cellarscape.


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